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The days are flowing away from our arrival, going on two weeks of being in Missouri again and one of having Mr. Dante.  Zero interesting houses have gone up for sale, and we’ve begun to explore other options.  My mom and I have visited our favorite shops, already eaten at some of our favorite restaurants, and are making spooky plans for the upcoming Halloween season.

It is such an odd feeling having a place to return after spending time with my loved ones.  Long gone are the days where I feel like a teenager again, residing under my parents’ roof…though I didn’t mind it the second time around!  Instead we are trying to look forward while still getting comfortable– a delicate balance of settling in and remaining guests in my sister’s home.  With the new-to-me dog, we’ve had some issues around mealtimes, a casualty in the form of Giraffee (Simon’s first toy), and the never-ending battle of keeping him off the couch.  Hopefully under Ethan’s instruction, Dante will fit into our family a little easier…and give me less cause to worry.

As you may have seen, I am no longer present on Facebook and neither is Caviar Dreams.  It was a personal decision that I feel will better my other all happiness, though I fear I may lose some readers along the way. If you were dependent on seeing my post updates via Facebook, I encourage you to sign up to receive emails.  While finding our footing and establishing a new routine here in MO, I do not yet know what my blogging schedule will be like, but I hope it will become clear in time.

This move has left me a little out of sorts…seeing as though I blundered some of our packing and do not have with us some somewhat essential items.  How I could forget my most worn earrings and leave certain shoes to be moved across country is beyond me.  Ethan only has one pair with him, and that seems like not such good planning.  Nothing tragic though, I assure you.  We have just begun to process through some more paperwork for the military, and I am not kidding when I say my new phone has become a lifesaver.  Who knew!

Forgive the randomness of this post, obviously I need to allot myself plenty of time to write in the future.

How have you been?  Any exciting changes occurring in your life?



  1. caseylane · · Reply

    i’m sure your transition home is bizarre and wonderful at the same time. hope you find your balance soon 🙂
    and i’m uncertain whether or not its the changing season, but i feel changes in my future too. just can’t put my finger on what they are!

    1. Oh golly! Keep me posted 😉

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