mid-octoberGood morning– less than thirteen days before Halloween!  My mom and I got into the spirit of things on Friday by doing this One Kings Lane craft— copper leaf pumpkins.  Believe me, after seeing the ten AM showing of Gone Girl, we needed something silly to do to relax our nerves and make us happy again!  We purchased our realistic looking faux pumpkins at Hobby Lobby and got to work, creating a more rustic texture with the copper leaf than the tutorial.  Here they are finished, and after giving it some thought, I have to admit they remind me of mercury glass (you may have seen mine here already).  We also roasted pumpkin seeds simultaneously and have been enjoying those ever since.

Though I may not seem all-out crazy for this time of year, I am.  The crisp air, foggy mornings, wafts of smoke from burning leaves, I live for this cozy season.  It seems like we have lots of exciting things to do in honor of it too.  This week I am attending a private tour of a haunted/historic home in downtown Cape Girardeau.  This weekend or next we are going to the spooky haunted villages at Black Forest, which I haven’t been to since sixth grade.  And then, on the eve of Halloween, my family and I are taking a walking tour of downtown…centered all on local legend and ghost stories.  Not to mention my aunt and uncle’s annual Halloween anniversary shindig.  Talk about an amazing line up!

Have you joined in the autumnal festivities yet?



  1. Caseylane · · Reply

    Love these pumpkins! And that tour sounds awesome!

    1. It was really fun!

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