Tuckernuck Inspiration

tnuckinspirationI wish I could tell you I can afford to scoop up anything and everything from Tuckernuck that my heart desires, but that simply isn’t so.  I’ve made a few investment purchases from them and feel good about that, but I can’t justify doing so for my entire wardrobe.  This look specifically has inspired me however to get the look for less.

Green Sweater:  The Shandon Sweater by Dubarry is classic to a T.  But this Madewell Cable-Front Sweater in midnight green is very similar, for a whole one hundred dollars less. This textural Honeycomb-Knit Sweater from Old Navy is even less.

White Shirt:  I’m picturing The Sleeveless Shirt underneath, and boy, does that Made in America come with a price.  The Brooks Brothers Sleeveless Dress Shirt is the layer I would purchase (and I’m seriously considering it for once), as it is super sleek without chest pockets.  If you still cannot bite the bullet, may I suggest waiting until spring for more options?  BodenUSA had a darling one that sold out past July.

Khaki Leggings: Lucky for us, these Faux Suede Leggings by Lysse don’t need budget-conscious comparisons…these are a steal at $88 (in my opinion).  The Dark Latte color is so rich, not to mention the high waist band will help smooth and slim…something I’m always looking for in a pant.  Plus, I’m digging the ankle grazing length.

What looks from Tuckernuck are you loving lately?


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