Monthly Archives: November 2014

A Very Ethan Christmas Wishlist

After I posted my Christmas wishlist last week, my sister called me and said, “so what does Ethan want?”  And I had to stop and ponder it.  I swear he is so difficult to buy for because he can survive on very little.  But here is a roundup of items regardless, some of which I’d […]


Hey, happy week of Thanksgiving!  Are all your celebrations in order?  What are you making?  This year we are doing the Wozniak family dinner on Black Friday so we have no interruptions and running around to different houses.  Basically, we all just love each other so much and want to have each other all to […]

Wallpaper Inspiration

I’m one of those people that sees a vintage bathroom and goes gaga.  Especially when the tile is colorful and the original sinks and toilet are intact.  I have seen so many movies that have bathrooms (and kitchens) in 50s and 60s glory and vowed long ago that not only would I keep a vintage […]