Nell Hill’s Holiday Scene 2014

nellhillsholidayscene1Hello, friends– how have you been?  My mom, sister, and I had such a lovely time in Kansas City this weekend, we are already talking about our next trip!  If you remember, we had big plans to attend the Holiday Scene at Nell Hill’s…the ultimate source for classic home style with unexpected twists.  We fit both stores into Saturday after our long drive, and although I hadn’t had the most restful nights of sleep, I couldn’t stop oohing and ahhing at all the Christmas displays.  And boy, the other thousand shoppers couldn’t stop as well!  Seriously, it was the most crowded I have ever seen a store before.

At the Atchison location, I scooped up the porcelain dog bowls and burberry plaid ribbon.  I found the bowls right away under a display cabinet, and luckily a shop girl asked if she could hold it for me while I continued to weave through the store.  They are so hefty, so I took her up on her offer.  While I could have easily spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars, I tried to restrain myself and mostly sought out inspirations I could recreate at home.  But of course, while I stood in the check-out line that snaked all the way to the entrance, I spotted this tan ribbon and just had to have it.  After all, I love Burberry, but don’t own a stitch of its iconic plaid.  Now I do with out breaking my bank!

nellhillsholidayscene2I first saw these bowls on Mary Carol’s blog, a post dedicated to pets.  Simon had used a simple plastic set in Alaska, not so pretty but…most utilitarian objects aren’t.  Since his have been in transit (currently stored in a sea of boxes my gracious parents are holding for us), I’ve just been using my sister’s dinner bowls.  Now, he has a seriously chic set to dine from.  I’m certain Dante is going to be jealous enough I’ll have to find something equally as stylish for him.

nellhillsholidayscene3Ahh, this ribbon is so beautiful.  I’m looking to get a faux greenery wreath this Christmas and tie up a sumptuous Burberry bow on it.

Speaking of great plaid, I found this gorgeous remnant fabric at the Briarcliff location for only a dollar!  It is long enough that it could easily band a large pillow, so I’m going to draw up some plans and hopefully get a pillow cover made.  I saw so many pillows at Briarcliff I wanted, but their price tags were too steep for me.  Now I’m going to get the same lovely look for less.

nellhillsholidayscene4The last thing I got at the Holiday Scene was a copy of Mary Carol Garrity’s Rooms We Love book…and wouldn’t you know she was kind enough to sign it for me!  I got a little awkward about approaching her in the first place though.  I had spied her helping some shoppers a few times throughout the store and couldn’t work up my nerve to say hi.  Something to do with looking too excited or nerdy…I don’t know.  Finally I decided if I ever have a book of mine published, I’d be thrilled to sign it.  So I went for it.  And she was so sweet.  Glad I didn’t chicken out!



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Oh what fun we had!!!!

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