Ornamental Traditions

ornamentaltraditionsDo you remember this post?  We had it in our minds that we would find this year’s Christmas ornament on our Kansas City trip, whether at Nell Hill’s or in St. Charles– a stop we planned to take during our drive home.  Part of me wanted to get the hunt over with, just in case we didn’t find anything in St. Charles, but another part wanted a Polish ornament.

Now, being Polish, we have hopped onto the train of the delicate glass ornaments and have gotten many over the past few years.  I have a pickle, banana, dog, etc. and it’s getting quite difficult to restrain from buying up more.  But since I don’t want a Christmas tree that hits one note, I thought a good compromise would be a pottery option…if they existed.

I had never been to St. Charles before, but my mom and sister had visited last year and told me about the Polish pottery store there.  When the three of us arrived at Siostra, I glazed over all the cooking items in search of this potential ornament.  Luckily we found the perfect one with a little reindeer motif.  It came in three shapes, and we picked blindly to keep things fair.  This one is mine!  I couldn’t be happier about this year’s addition.

Do you have any unusual Christmas traditions?



  1. What a wonderful tradition! We love exchanging ornaments, too–it’s fun to see collections grow, and I was so excited when I “inherited” all my childhood ornaments for our first San Francisco tree!

    1. I am so looking forward to going through my boxes of ornaments…I missed them since living in Alaska!

  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Looks like we have started our new holiday tradition!!

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