Furniture Finds

furniturefinds1I have been waiting for a sunny day to take these photos, but it seemed like I’d be waiting forever at this point in the year.  So pardon the shadows.

Almost immediately upon returning home from Alaska, my mom and I restarted our almost bi-weekly tradition of going antiquing.  We have an ever-evolving list of things to look for, and with a possible redesign in her future, we been scouring every source in a thirty mile radius for a pair of wingback chairs.  Still haven’t found them.  But furniture for my home has been much more successful.

If you can’t tell from the three pieces above, I am a wood junkie.  I like to think of wood as a color and have been ogling everything stately, neoclassical, and traditional.  The windsor chair was a steal, and I couldn’t be happier with the versatility of the secretary desk (the top hutch is removable).  I have also envisioned the rolling side table in a number of uses: bar cart, bedside table, etc.  But for now it’s loaded up with unwrapped Christmas presents.  I’m thinking a DIY is in order for a lamp I’ve had for years to coordinate with my new brass beauty.

furniturefinds2So naturally as I’m drawn to wood pieces in every store I go to, I was surprised when this X bench caught my eye. Obviously this pink has to go, but don’t we see this exact shape everywhere on Pinterest?   It’s the fabric choice that makes it unique in each space, and luckily I’m enjoying brainstorming fabrics to reupholster it in.  Chintz or hunting toile are running neck and neck right now.  At first I was excited to have a place to kick my feet up while watching TV, but Simon has since claimed it as his own.  C’est la vie.





  1. What beautiful pieces–and I think a hunter green toile would be divine for the X bench!

    1. It will be quite a fun project to dig into this winter 😉

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