Christmas Investments

christmasinvestments1This is our first Christmas in an actual house, in the city in which we plan to spend the rest of our lives.  In Alaska, it felt silly to spruce up the entire apartment just to have to move it all in a few years.  But now that we have a real tree and lots of lights and garlands on the way, I’m thinking about Christmas decor long-term.  And in searching for my festive wish list items, I have come across some lovely heirloom quality products that certainly would be worth a Christmas investment.

I grew up using plastic sleds for the large hills in my neighborhood on forever cherished snow days.  But this wooden beauty from School House Electric is deliciously classic and old school at the same time.  Though originally functional, sleds are also the perfect decorations for front porches.  This photograph is exactly how I’d style mine (if I had one).

Though I am looking for a white tree skirt that will emulate snow for my train set, I found this option from Horchow and immediately my jaw dropped.  Needlepoint and nutcrackers and tassels, oh my!  It is just too fabulous.  Not to mention that gorgeous red and star-like shape.

christmasinvestments2I started looking for angel tree toppers in August, knowing that I wanted to turn in my Santa for something more traditional.  While I have envisioned an angel with lights (so that she is prominent even in a darkened living room), these German wax angels are beyond beautiful.  Though Pauline Leidel Spreen’s creations are easy to come by on the likes of Ebay, I’d be tempted to get a new version so I could enjoy her face before fading.  Delicate and detailed, I would love to add one of these to our family tree.  The steep price tag may take me a few years of saving to justify however.  Take a look at this video on how they are made.


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