mar+velHappy Friday before Christmas!  I’m so behind on my Christmas movie watching and even further behind in getting the house organized for my sister and brother-in-law’s arrival.  You’d think with my free afternoon yesterday I would have dusted, vacuumed, done some laundry.  But nope, I ate Hershey’s Hugs, wrapped the last of the presents, and flipped through some magazines.  So productive.  In all honesty, it was quite relaxing; a welcome change from working retail during the holidays!

On my off days I’m usually with my mom, scouting downtown for special finds and eating wonton soup for lunch.  Since my last post on new/old furniture, I’ve added two new pieces.  My mom gifted me the red velvet chair, an item we often ogled while visiting Merci.  It has inspired the choice for my X bench upholstery; already I’ve been enjoying the combo which is nestled beside our Christmas tree.

Just the other day, as we were shaking off some rain and hoping for vintage Christmas finds, I found the marble lamp tucked away in the back of a store.  I couldn’t believe the price and knew even though I don’t have a place for it right now (or a bulb or shade or new finial), it was a no-brainer to buy.  It’s in perfect condition and I love the dark veining.  So much more character than some other marble lamps I spotted locally and for half the price.

I’m really enjoying this concept of buying for the future, with projects to make the purchases my own and to satisfy my itch for decorating as we save money for our future home.  Ethan doesn’t care about such things (does any husband?), so I have free reign as long as he can get comfy in front of the television.  I have a chinoiserie lamp in my bedroom (at my parents’) that I’m hoping to give a little makeover to as soon as the weather warms up.  And even though it isn’t my favorite anymore, I’m hoping to move our upholstered bed into our bedroom here soon.  The difference between full-size and queen-size will just be amazing.



  1. jilldawnw · · Reply

    I. Am. So. Green. Over. That. AMAZINGLY-PERFECT-RED-CHAIR!!!!

    1. It’s so cozy and perfect for writing in!

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