What Do You Think of Casual Bedrooms?

casualbedsSo, what’s your answer?

Now that our queen bed is in place in our bedroom (thanks Mom and Pa!), I am itching to spruce it up with new bedding, curtains and such.  But before I start shopping, I need to sort through different ideas for the look and feel of the future design.  While I usually default to formality, these casual bedrooms are pulling at my heartstrings.

The wood, the brick, the Hudson Bay stripes…I totally dig this mix that is preppy/classic, but also a little quirky.  I’ve dreamt of a classy bedroom with a canopy bed and panels before, so now I’m torn.  Do you prefer a formal bed to snuggle in at night or a campy/casual number that embodies a rustic retreat?

inspiration via instagram 1 | 2


  1. MaryEllen · · Reply

    Casual. And not too many pillows to take off the bed and put back on!!

  2. Our bedroom is in the attic of our Cape Cod house. We don’t have dormers so it lends itself to being really casual and comfy. I haven’t finished it yet… Plans to make curtains this week and purchase our bedroom set we have been eyeing once we get our tax return! 🙂 It’s a process for sure!

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