Clean Slate



Yes, I’m fully aware this product board looks like the complete opposite of those bedrooms I posted about.  But for the new year I’m craving a clean slate to center myself after all this holiday hullabaloo.  Of course, I don’t consider the holidays truly over until my birthday…but here it goes!

I’ve been obsessed with this necklace since I watched Everwood as a teen…happy to find a similar design more in my budget!  My secretary desk is unfortunately a mess of bills and letters from the army.  Stylish boxes would fit snugly under the built-in pockets and tidy things up considerably.  Embroidered cocktail napkins don’t need much explanation do they– especially ones with such a sweet M.  A pop of orange in the form of a coffee table book seems as refreshing as a slice of citrus during these gloomy winter days.  A light gray cashmere sweater with some drape…yes please!  While I’m usually drawn to heavy oil paintings, these botanicals by Mia Carameros are minimal enough to create interest in an art collection.  I’ve been looking for a double picture frame for my sister’s engagement and wedding portraits…this sterling silver option aligns perfectly with my vision.  I scored Spode Blue Room plates at a local store since we’ve been home…what are your thoughts on mixing in Spode Blue Italian bowls?  And speaking of clean slates, I am currently reworking my latest novel in accordance with some constructive criticism I received.  This Penguin book by favorite Katherine Howe seems like a good resource for my witch-loving heroine.

One comment

  1. That necklace is such a fabulous find, I love the simplicity and beauty of the gold circle.
    Happy New Year!
    xo Nan – Simply Elegant Blog

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