Monthly Archives: January 2015

Smart Skirts

As you can see, I’m stuck on the idea of table skirts.  After including one in yesterday’s post, I’m bound and determined to acquire a skirt for some smart storage solutions.  Ideally, I would cover a waist-high bookcase I’ve had for ages.  And what would I be storing, you ask?  Ethan’s and my amazing movie […]

Quirky Classic

What changed that has made me crazy about color again?  I think it was a blast of warm weather we had last week, where I actually pulled out my springtime perfume and didn’t wear a coat to work.  Also, seeing a chunk of The Grand Budapest Hotel on television had me scrolling through Pinterest for […]


Follow me on Instagram here! I’m having a serious issue with how fast time is flying by right now.  January is half over already, and I feel as though I didn’t even relish it. I suppose that’s not wholly true, as I did celebrate my birthday for an entire weekend and even had a few […]