New Year’s Resolution: Know Thyself

newyear1Happy New Year!  I can already tell you 2015 will be the year to relax and drink in the promise of sameness.  After planning the wedding last spring, interning with Dallas, and discovering we were due to move, I am looking forward to settling into a new routine, exploring my town with 26-year-old eyes, and of course acquiring more loveliness for our (makeshift) home.  Knowing what to buy and what to pass up can sometimes be daunting, but after some soul searching (and movie watching!) I finally feel like I have a true understanding of what I do and don’t dig.

#1– Kelly Green.  Surprise, surprise, this color has captured my heart for a few great reasons.  Green transcends typical holiday palettes and can seamlessly fit into every season.  While I’ve already been playing around with the idea of green walls, this photo I snapped at Nell Hill’s has been in the back of my brain since November.  It is bold while still classic…if you don’t believe me, rewatch Home Alone.  You’ll spot a room slathered in this gorgeous hue and start loving it too.

#2– Camel.  Yes, another color, and one I really warmed up to in 2014.  Just like delicious wood paneling, camel is a favorite because of its old-school charm.  I’d love to wrap our future foyer in this grasscloth by Meg Braff, or even our living room for that matter.  The texture of the grasscloth would keep the color from looking dull when used on a grand scale (like so many taupe and beige paints do).  This, I absolutely cannot wait for.

newyear2#3– the three C’s.  Southern Living is my new go-to for everything, let alone home design.  Since their January issue arrived in my mailbox, I have been revisiting their “10 Decorating Resolutions” article.  If you haven’t flipped through the magazine yourself, I’ll clue you in.  The three C’s are Chinoiserie, Chippendale and  checks.  Naturally i’ve been drawn to Asian influences all my life, but nothing I’ve acquired is quite as chic as these bamboo-like chairs.  I’ve seen them before, in outrageous colors.  But in eggshell they are divine!  I’d love get these for a game table, where we can build puzzles or play Clue.

newyear3#4– More of What I Love.  Besides the big pieces, I’m looking to feather our place with stylish accents that embody my favorite things.  Plaid, obviously, but also bold reds, blue and white porcelain, and a healthy dose of black.  Interestingly enough, I can’t seem to find these accents as easily as let’s say, a Revolutionary soldier waste bin.  But, the point is to keep my eyes open and dig a little deeper.  I’m hoping my mom and I eventually expand our antiquing range for new and exciting treasures.

instagram by me | Meg Braff grasscloth

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  1. MaryEllen · · Reply

    I hope we find some new treasures!!

    1. I hope so too!

  2. happy new year! xo

    1. Happy New Year to you!!!

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