The Christmas Haul

christmashaulSanta was gooood to me this year.  Not only did I have so many Christmases to enjoy with my family, I was also blessed with having a job that brought in some extra moolah for us to splurge on giving gifts to others.   Who else loves ribbon and wrapping paper?  And of course, there were these choice presents that are all for me!

Call me materialistic, but I love presents.  Seriously, who doesn’t?  This year I got some very lovely things.  Like that Pendleton blanket, with the traveling strap.  I’ve been leaving it bound up and casually hung from the edge of my new chair a la Nell Hill’s.  And speaking of plaid…that thermos!  I had hunted for that thing on Etsy after seeing one on Tuckernuck; believe me when I say I was dismayed to see it sold when I finally decided to buy it.  But it was actually my mom getting it for me!  So sweet, and I can’t believe she kept that a secret.  Ethan and I are also the proud owners of a hi-tech turn table, which is so fancy it kind of intimidates me.  I’m graciously accepting my dad’s help this Friday so I don’t have to fret over every instruction.  This fun gypsy witch deck of cards held the L.L. Bean gift card from Amanda and Travis, which I’ve already put to good use.  And Ethan got me the earrings from Julie Vos.  I highly recommend these!!  I can wear them all day long without my earlobes hurting an ounce.  They have since seen our last Christmas shindig, dinner dates, and a few long days at work.  With B&N’s last email coupon, I gifted Katherine Howe’s latest book to myself.  I justified it as being a much needed stocking stuffer.

What did you get this Christmas?


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  1. caseylane · · Reply

    How lovely – I was looking forward to seeing what was in that little box hiding on your tree!

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