Until Next Year…

untilnextyearFinally!  My last post about Christmas.  Raise your hand if you hate putting your decorations away.  I do, sort of.  I love wrapping my ornaments up one by one, but dislike that feeling that nothing will feel quite so organized as I’d like it to be when I unearth it the following season.  While I had big plans to invest in Christmas this year, I also decided to invest in a way to store them.

Enter Honey Can Do.  I wanted to get everything on the site, but restrained myself to the two most important things.  1. A way to wrangle my eight sets of LED lights I hope to keep forever, and 2. a place to store holiday wrap that isn’t the back of a closet.  Both storage containers arrived compactly and keep things festive in red and pine green canvas.  I am extremely happy with both products, and hope to add wreath storage bags and ornament organizers in the future.  For now, my Frye boot boxes will have to do.   This week I took down our tree and took the time to get these babies squared away.

I’m glad to tuck both of these out of sight for the coming eleven months and know they will stay nice and tidy until next year.  How do you stay organized after the holidays?


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  1. caseylane · · Reply

    UGH…..this is on my list for this weekend. I am thoroughly dreading it :\

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