25 For My 25th: Recap

1. add more items to my etsy shop

2. go on a horse drawn carriage ride with Ethan

3. finish and send out book #4

4. start and complete at least one needlepoint Christmas stocking

5. road trip to either Homer, AK or Fairbanks, AK for a holiday weekend (Seward)

6. go to the shooting range with Ethan, whether it is with firearms or bows and arrows

7. experience nightlife in downtown Anchorage at least once

8. outfit our kitchen with more electronic conveniences (like a toaster…or a hand mixer)

9. find my perfect lipstick and wear it

10. pay off our car loan by summer 2014

11. put more effort into hairstyles as my hair grows out

12. see the Northern Lights

13. begin to teach myself the ways of Polish cooking & baking

14. visit the Anchorage Museum

15. increase my crossword puzzle skills

16. plan and successfully execute my sister’s bachelorette party

17. organize/downsize the things we’ve unnecessarily accumulated

18. treat myself to an heirloom-quality signet ring

19. add another piece of artwork to my collection

20. spend less time on Facebook

21. invest in personalized stationery

22. encourage Ethan to join me in the kitchen more often

23. plan and successfully execute my sister’s wedding

24. buy a record player + start my collection of vinyls

25. concentrate more on the things & people I love rather than the negative forces in my life

Gah, how has it been a year since I made this?  So, I didn’t make nine of my goals.  I am still trying to figure out what I want in a signet ring and how much I’m willing to spend.  And as for that horse-drawn carriage ride with Ethan…every event that we had planned to achieve this was a wash-out.  I did successfully quit Facebook however and have two record albums to my name.

Tomorrow I turn 26!  I have yet to decide if I’m going to make a second list of goals for the coming year.  Cheers!



  1. Happy day before your birthday!!!!!!

  2. happy almost birthday! and you should totally make a new list…it’s fun to look back on.

  3. Happy 26th c-ster!!!!

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