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I’m having a serious issue with how fast time is flying by right now.  January is half over already, and I feel as though I didn’t even relish it. I suppose that’s not wholly true, as I did celebrate my birthday for an entire weekend and even had a few days off here and there.  But still, I am overwhelmed that we have been in CG for a good three months and counting, and we are just determining what the future may look like for us.  It has taken longer than I initially thought it would. But still I question, where has the time gone?

I had plans of writing everyday since being home…finding a nugget of time each day to dedicate to my work, but that has proved most difficult.  I’m lucky to have a schedule that allows me all of my morning and most of my afternoon off; on days in which I go in at five, I push myself to sit down with my laptop and write.  It always feels good to see my word count increase, but dang is it hard to get myself in my red chair and focus.

Life with two fur babies has been much more positive than it was, say, the first month we acquired Dante.  We finally have made the kitchen a safe place to put him when we are gone, which results in fewer surprises when we arrive back at the house (read: he is a chewer…and likes to pull things off the counters).  He and Simon have similar interests in guarding the backyard and rolling around in the grass…but most of the time they are lounging inside together, making our already quiet rental all the more peaceful.  But when my sister and brother-in-law come into town, with their now three dogs in tow, this little house sure gets filled up fast.

As for our house hunt (I haven’t exactly stopped stalking the websites and driving through my favorite neighborhoods), it is technically on the back burner right now.  Which saddens me, but also sobers me with the knowledge that truly it is in our best interest to wait.  After going crazy for the ranch with the turquoise bathroom, we decided a few more months (maybe years, gah!) would be helpful in saving for a down payment.  Lucky for me, there isn’t anything that interests me for sale right now, but I am still so anxious.  So.anxious. for us to find our dream home.  The timeline will be a bit iffy however, what with us waiting and Amanda and Travis’ future return from Tennessee.  And that part makes me immeasurably nervous.

Anyway, in my lull of substantial posting on CDB, I thought I’d fill you in on the current goings-on. Ethan has started his educational journey toward the RT program (fitting, wouldn’t you say?) and I am still a bookseller even though the holidays have passed.  The season for tag and estate sales is finally upon us!  I am happy to announce my mom and I are visiting two today.  I’m still searching for the perfect fabric to upholster the X bench in, though I haven’t been truly diligent in the hunt.  Truth be told, I wish we had an old Hudson Bay striped blanket to use, but alas, we do not.  Something about a fuzzy bench is just appealing to me right now, even though it  has been sunny and mild as of late.

What has been on your agenda as of late?

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