Smart Skirts

smartskirtsAs you can see, I’m stuck on the idea of table skirts.  After including one in yesterday’s post, I’m bound and determined to acquire a skirt for some smart storage solutions.  Ideally, I would cover a waist-high bookcase I’ve had for ages.  And what would I be storing, you ask?  Ethan’s and my amazing movie collection.

Unless you have a media room and a wall to devote to such things, movie cases are pretty unsightly.  And in a rental situation, every inch of possible design counts toward making a prettier home.  Because of the configuration of my sister’s cable outlets and my unwillingness to create more issues than necessary, our current living room is arranged in an…interesting way.  While it works for us, it does lend itself to potential tweaking, namely in the way of our media.

A table skirt would disguise the useful bookcase, which is nice by itself, but considerably less nice with all those movies piled on its shelves.  Covering it in a chic way would instantly transform it as a potential vignette with the antique mirror we already have anchored to the wall.  I still have to compare measurements, but I’m thinking this is a no-brainer.

images via Domino 1 | 2 | 3

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