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Hello!  Golly, it feels like a while since I’ve put some substance on the blog, but truthfully, my forever debate has been raging inside me for the past few days.  Yes about blogging.  And yes about what I want to put out here for anyone to read (I blame hormones).

Somedays I’m convinced I have ten readers.  Ha!  Maybe I’ve been feeling like that for 365 days in a row.  I’ve had a blog in my life for four years now, though it hasn’t always been CD.  And so much has changed in that blink of time it’s amazing I have kept at it for this long (excluding the six month sabbatical I took the first half of 2012, and thank God I did).  While I’ve never felt truly connected to my readers, I hope you still feel connected to me…without the consistent five posts a week and all that.

Yesterday was a super fun day, and I’d love to tell you all about it.  A chunk of time was spent bickering with Ethan about where in the heck our car title was and another chunk was devoted to the DMV, everyone’s favorite place in the world.  Luckily it was mostly harmless with the exception of a very chatty older gentleman who claimed a recent sickness (read: allergies) made him throw away his vehicle documentation or his license plate tags or something.  I have to go back again today.  After grabbing lunch and some groceries, I came home feeling the need to rip our whole bedroom to pieces just to put it back together in a tidier fashion.  Namely our closet.  Boy, do I not like sharing a closet.  And 60s sliding doors are the bane of my existence.

It’s a sure sign of spring when I start my annual search for the perfect polka dot dress.  I’ve been absolutely unsuccessful in this though.  Whether they are only in polyester, or I’m too scared to pull the trigger on an eBay listing, I have yet to find the one.  You know, the one to wear at future college graduations or on Easter Sunday or for baptisms.  Did my mom wear polka dots to these occasions and that’s why I want a dotted dress of my own?  Perhaps.  Do you have a favorite polka dot dress in your closet?

On an exciting note, I decided on a fabric for my bench and dropped it off at the upholsterer’s.  Since then I’ve been mildly obsessing about finding more furniture.  The lamps I’ve purchased are still hanging out on the floor unfinished, beside my record player that I’d love on something different but is currently on my new side table.  It just fits.  Just.  I’ve transitioned nicely into playing albums though, especially in the mornings while I’m getting ready for work.  Did you know I adore Simon and Garfunkel?  I now have two of their records, thanks to my parents’ vinyl collection.  Which my dad thinks is enormously funny.

Last but not least, I will have some flowers lying around the beginning of next week, extras from a special order I’m doing.  If you are in the southeast Missouri area and want some pretties, message me about it.  Prices and sizes are flexible.  You can see the feature flower I’ll be using here.

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