A Family Home

afamilyhomeSince we 100% decided on a ranch-style home at the end of 2014, we really haven’t looked back (okay, maybe I still sometimes pine for a sweeping front staircase).  The more that I dream though, I see how grand a ranch can feel and am seriously looking forward to finding one of our very own.  Last week my mom and I checked out a few real estate listings, and the only one that had real potential was a 70s brick house in one of my favorite neighborhoods.  Perched on a hill overlooking a lake, with nothing but woods and wildlife behind it.  Of course, it was vastly out of our price range, but I told myself it would be educational to see a home completely untouched since it was built decades before.  I had loved the one we toured built in the 60s; it hadn’t occurred to me how much of a difference a few years of trends could make on a home.

While I walked through the house, which truly had good bones, I tried to convince myself that I could live with black and gold flocked wallpaper, groovy sunken bathtubs, interesting wall-to-wall carpeting.  Thank goodness I snapped out of it shortly after.  But dang, that house would be a showstopper with some timeless updates…

The stylings of a pre-seventies home certainly fits Ethan’s and my lifestyles better…though the more lux the construction the better.  I am constantly swimming in visions of rich wood paneled walls, delicate hearths, tile that enhances not distracts.  While the most appealing neighborhoods remain occupied, I look to house plans to satisfy my insatiable desire to have a home to call our own.  The house above, from architect William E. Poole, is the only modern house plan that keeps the look and feel of a vintage house plan.  Isn’t it idyllic?  Other than this one, I’m digging through the vaults of Antique Alter Ego and the complementary designer file on Dream Home Source for plans.

What I’m really craving is some graph paper, however, to create a hybrid house with all my favorite features.


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