Sea of Anemone

seaofanemoneAs always, it is so fun to work with flowers.  I ordered these shalom anemones from California Organic Flowers for the arrangements I had lined up earlier this week, the reason being I wasn’t entirely sure my local flower resource would have anything in purple this time of year.  Luckily they did, which worked well for supplementary flowers.  Goodness, they had some pretties when I went in, like white irises with yellow centers!  Truly, yellow somehow always steals my heart when it comes to flowers.  Tempted to find a reason to get these old fashioned petite double cream narcissus.

I have two recurring issues while doing these arrangements however.  1) They may not be as dynamic as Bloomsbury Blooms.  I was spoiled working with Dallas all summer, with so many varieties to choose from.  As I do arrangements here, I’ve noticed I have a harder time filling out a vase, simply because I am only buying flowers for specific orders…without any extras to throw in.  It is sometimes a stretch.  Lots of zhushing and greenery involved.  2) I never have flowers left over to enjoy for myself.  Yes, some of the joy comes from creating the bouquets to give, but I love flowers for myself too!  Sometimes I think the best gift for a florist are flowers for them to play with and then keep.  Of course, I’m no florist, but still.

Anyways, just some floral thoughts on a Friday.  I am so looking forward to this weekend, as we will be celebrating my parents’ thirtieth wedding anniversary!





  1. Sonya kinder · · Reply

    Your arrangements are always beautiful! !

    1. I wish I would have compensated for the anemones lengthening as they bloomed though!

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