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m&mlivingIf you remember, I am helping my mom and dad redesign their living room.  While the first mood board is still one of my favorites, we have been honing our vision for months as we go thrifting.  Blame it on our recent snow storm and resulting bouts of cabin fever, but we have really been hitting this subject hard in the last couple of days.  The sofa is currently at the upholstery shop, and we are eagerly awaiting its arrival so we can coordinate swatches we love for other aspects of the design.

New to the plan is the introduction of a more interesting rug, different window treatments, and feminine armchairs as opposed to armless slippers I had first suggested.  We are still in search of chairs for the dining room design, but are reverting back to the office-like construction instead of mixing wood and wingbacks.  Crossing my fingers we find a lovely option to make the compromise a little less difficult.  Aside from getting some square cushions made to place atop the coffee table, it will mostly be about finding vintage pieces that bring the eclectic yet classic look together.  Especially lamps.  I’m thinking of naming this “60s Masculine Conservatory.”  If you could see how many beautiful plants my mom has, you would understand that last part!

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  1. Can’t wait for the weather to cooperate for our road trip!!

  2. caseylane · · Reply

    ugh ugh ugh i neeeeeeed a luggage rack like that for one of our guest rooms. it is a necessity!

  3. […] Schumacher is easily becoming the only fabric source I ever want to use.  We have already used the Alexander Paisley (now discontinued ! ) for cushions in my parents’ living room.  Anyway, this ready-made […]

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