A Collected Home

collectedhome1Quick, what Christmas movie is the above still taken from?  One of my all-time favorites of course, The Family Stone.  I watched it Saturday night because everything is still covered in a foot of snow here, and I missed my annual viewing of it over the hectic holidays.  As I make decor decisions and think about our future home (daily), I like to revisit past inspiration to see if it still resonates with me.  And believe me, this one does.

I may be the only one, but staged photoshoots of homes (especially captures on Instagram) don’t seem to have enough stuff.  I like stuff.  I like crowded bookshelves and covered tabletops.  I like paintings on top of wallpaper, with patterned curtains beside them.  I like when a house looks lived in but remains a certain level of class.  And I love this house.

Believe it or not, Sybil and Kelly’s bedroom makes me feel a little better about our current upholstered bed, where as lately I’ve been dreaming of a wooden four poster.  All the layers of brown are like a real-life nest, and I wouldn’t mind burrowing inside of it for a long winter’s nap.  Below are the only two photos I’ve ever found online that give me a similar feeling as the movie set.  Ironically, they are both home offices/dens.

collectedhome2How much stock should a person put into what they identify with in the movies and what their own life looks like?  I’m drawn to deeply saturated colors as you’ll see tomorrow, but I also crave camel like it’s my job.  I have a little Asian love in me and some splashes of 60’s Lilly Pulitzer…how do these all work together?  (Speaking of Christmas movie houses, what does it tell you that I adore Graham’s and Arthur Abbott’s houses better than the girls’?)

Do I self-edit to make one cohesive home?  Do I mash it all together and hope that it works?

I don’t know yet…but I do know I would be 100% happy in such a creature-comfort home.  Now to find a ranch that embodies all that this white Italianate does.

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