Monthly Archives: February 2015

M&M Living

If you remember, I am helping my mom and dad redesign their living room.  While the first mood board is still one of my favorites, we have been honing our vision for months as we go thrifting.  Blame it on our recent snow storm and resulting bouts of cabin fever, but we have really been […]

Garden Stools For The Home

Something I love about blogging is that a super cool designer (i.e. Bailey McCarthy) can break down her design decisions to bring some classic yet modern ideas to my attention.  And to see those decisions reinforced by Southern Living later on, it makes me think I need to hop on the train.  Today I’m talking […]

Sea of Anemone

As always, it is so fun to work with flowers.  I ordered these shalom anemones from California Organic Flowers for the arrangements I had lined up earlier this week, the reason being I wasn’t entirely sure my local flower resource would have anything in purple this time of year.  Luckily they did, which worked well […]