Monthly Archives: March 2015

Grey Gardens

You may have heard or seen that Grey Gardens, the documentary filmed by the Maysles brothers, had its 40th anniversary this month.  Though I had never dug into the story behind the infamous house before watching the film (a birthday present from my sister), I was so intrigued by Little Edie on the front of […]

Three Years

Two weeks ago Ethan and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary.  And for one considerably obvious reason, it was less stressed than the past couple.  What was different you ask? Amazing, the girl that loves presents decided against them.  Together, we opted out of the pressure to find the perfect gift for each other (this […]

Personal Trends

I have two sides: one is all neutral, the other is everything but.  It’s important to honor both, but in the middle of finding new styles for spring and tracing my inspiration to “vintage” Kate Spade ads, I’m slowly pinpointing what I want to look like in the coming weeks/months/.  My autumn self is much easier […]