Etsy Artist: Maria Waye


mariawayeportrait2For my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary, my sister and I wanted to give them something extra special (to make up for all the earlier anniversaries that we didn’t do much for).  Knowing we wanted to recreate my mom’s favorite childhood photo of us, I started my artist search locally, but then turned to Etsy.  To my delight, I discovered Maria Waye.  Specializing in oil and pastel works, I immediately connected to her ethereal artistic quality.  And I loved her pet portraits too!  After showing Maria the tiny original photo (2×3 I think), I knew she was the artist to work with.  She immediately understood why it was our mom’s favorite and didn’t want to change it at all.  I cannot tell you how pleased we all are with the finished product.  It brought tears to our mom’s eyes.

Though Maria is based out of Canada, the price for shipping the painting to Missouri was quite reasonable.  I highly recommend Maria Waye for your future art needs.  She is certainly a diamond in the sea that is Etsy.  Check out her listings today!



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    We absolutely love it!!!

  2. stacy · · Reply

    Great artwork! Could you please include the link to her site? Thanks!

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