Three Years

optingoutTwo weeks ago Ethan and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary.  And for one considerably obvious reason, it was less stressed than the past couple.  What was different you ask?

Amazing, the girl that loves presents decided against them.  Together, we opted out of the pressure to find the perfect gift for each other (this year was supposed to be leather, traditionally).  With Christmas, my birthday (January), then Valentine’s Day and then of course our anniversary (March), that’s four whopping months of madness in our house.  Ethan telling me not to check the bank account, me wondering if Ethan will finally like a gift I give him.  Ethan forgetting where I keep the wrapping paper, me making him rewrap so I can take a picture.  Our first year I didn’t know about traditional anniversary gifts.  Our second, we were both a little disappointed in our presents of cotton (not to mention Ethan’s gift to me got lost somewhere and arrived about a month late).  So about two weeks before the 15th, I told Ethan I didn’t want to exchange gifts.  And the relief that flooded his face was overwhelming.

Growing up, I didn’t see my parents really getting anything for each other.  Socks and great hallmark cards, that was the extent of it.  I admit I thought it was strange before, but now I get it.  And I expect Ethan and I will carry on in a similar fashion.

The Saturday before our anniversary (since my aunt was cooking corned beef and cabbage on the day of, and Ethan likes to entertain his Irish roots around Saint Patrick’s day), we went to breakfast with some family and later went out for dinner.  We didn’t make any major plans, didn’t get our hopes up for a minute of the day, and I didn’t even feel too let down when we had to change restaurants at the last minute.  I just enjoyed being with my husband.  And that’s what its really about, right?

Do you exchange anniversary gifts with your honey?

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