Six Months Since Alaska

Even though I just typed it, I truly cannot believe it.  Six months since Alaska.  I know the time in the last frontier state did not fly by as it has since we landed in St. Louis in October.  Leaving Alaska, I was relieved and nervous.  Relieved that we could finally be reunited with our loved ones (being isolated up there really took a toll on me); nervous because I didn’t know what our future would hold.  Jobs, housing, schooling.  New dog.  New car.  Waiting for our boxes to arrive while literally living out of our suitcases for a month.  Oh and realizing my car was sitting in St. Louis for two weeks without any notification it had made the trip. Good stuff.

We were dang lucky to have my sister’s house available to us to rent from the weekend we arrived (and partially furnished)…however much I grumble about not finding our forever home yet.  Though I haven’t been the best wifey about making dinners lately, we have had family dinners galore and that means lots of leftovers.  My former employer welcomed me back and Ethan is working on pre-reqs.  Simon and Dante get along great where no food is involved.

Though we do miss our little haunts.  Paris Cafe with Eggs Benedict waiting for me.  Thursdays at Bloomsbury Blooms.  The awesome movie theater with extra nice seats.  We’ve been major homebodies here, having gone out on a “date” maybe twice.  But don’t take this as complaining.  I’m so thankful to be home.

When I started Caviar Dreams, I hadn’t even stepped foot in Alaska.  I was just a bride living long distance from her groom, finishing a bachelor’s degree before jetting off into a whole new world.  Ethan and I had never lived together, never had to divide doggie duties, never knew each other’s little quirks that only show themselves over time.  But look where we are now.

In college peers often told me I was contemplative, and I don’t deny how nostalgic I can be about the past.  I do think someday we will look back on our time in Alaska and think how romantic it all was: Ethan waiting for me in the airport, carrying me over the threshold of our over priced one-bedroom apartment, coming home to me everyday in his camo uniform.  Learning what it was to be married in our private corner of the globe.  We might even look back at Alaska as an adventure…because it was at least on a personal level.  But what a difference six months can make.  I am so grateful that we aren’t still there now.



  1. I am as equally grateful you are home!!!

  2. I am also Happy you all are back here, and yes you all are quite the homebodies, but nothing wrong with that at all. Love Ya

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