After Easter

aftereasterI didn’t feel ready for Easter this year, but that didn’t stop it from coming and going!  Thankfully I had the day off, and I spent it by getting up for the sunrise Easter Mass, taking a long nap afterward, and then visiting with both our families.  There was the egg hunt that I put on solely for my cousin’s daughter and Simon stole a deviled egg off the dining room table (he is extremely skilled at jumping onto benches).  Although I didn’t get to wear my white Lilly dress, I was pretty pleased with the day.  I hope someday to have Easter festivities of our own, decorated down to the tiniest details with everyone in their Sunday best.

I’m sorry to admit that I’ve neglected the blog (and my writing), but please, let me explain.  I’m happy to announce, I was promoted at work!  More hours, more money, more responsibility…but we definitely need this for our little family so we are all thrilled.  I have been training off and on this week and look forward to digging into my new job description.  No doubt I’ll have even more product to look at and lust over.  Also during the radio silence, I added an awesome piece of furniture to my new collection and scouring the antique stores for ginger jars to adorn the top with is a fresh priority.  If you remember I had been looking for a bachelor’s chest to use as a nightstand for Ethan, but couldn’t pass up this chest on chest from the 1920s.  It is so timeless I couldn’t have told you when it was made, but the dovetail joints in the drawers were a great indicator of its quality regardless of its age.  Now there is enough storage for him as well as me!

As the temperatures warm and the humidity rises, I’m in search of some summer clothing I almost never needed in Alaska.  I finally hit purchase on a few things I’ve been eying online and found a red cotton jacket from Pendleton I can’t wear enough.  And though I never usually shop at ShopBop, their 25% off sale right now was the perfect excuse to finally score some classic Supergas at a discounted price (sneakers that are somehow always excluded in sales).  What have you been wearing as the weather heats up?

Anyhow, how have you been?

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