Up For April

upforaprilI’m finding it easier to define what I like and what isn’t so important to me lately, and these picks are really exciting me.  A mix between classic, traditional, antique and elegant, I’m taking everything I like from various inspirations and forming it into a unique style that I love.  For starters, its buying what speaks to me; after that, its filling in the gaps with things that have the same aesthetic for a well collected look.

Though I like browsing lookbooks that exude high maintenance styling, the simpler the better is my motto when styling myself.  This three pack of neutral nail polishes would definitely demolish my need to purchase any other colors for a good long while ~ I am absolutely crazy for a 1970s catalog for Williamsburg reproductions I picked up this past fall in the basement of a local antique store.  This finger vase is primarily used for dried flowers, but I’d love to see it sporting some garden roses or sprigs of lilac come spring ~ While recovering the book floor earlier this week, I spotted this bargain book with Grace Kelly on the cover.  Looking to add it to my ever-growing library ~ Our front porch now hosts a lively fern in a darling wicker plant stand.  The touch of green makes me want to add more to the house, specifically in the form of topiaries ~ Emerald cut gems combined with pearls?  Best.combo.ever ~ I’ve heard good things about this brand of hair accessories; I would love to add a similar one to my vanity, especially after my new haircut ~ While trying to resolve my need for bowls with the lack of matching options, I’m debating a more mixed approach for a blue and white table setting.  Paired with Tory Burch’s spongeware chargers and Blue Italian bowls, I think my Blue Room by Spode plates would shine ~ Toile is always a favorite in my book and these lovely shorts are no exception ~ Lastly, I promise that when Ethan and I have children, I will have precious silhouettes made of them and treasure them forever.

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  1. […] afford a new paint job, try changing out your seat for this striped number ~ I already posted the shorts, but then I found the pants.  Tory Burch, please send me these cropped jeans, I will wear them […]

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