On The Rise

ontheriseIt’s officially open window season here!  My favorite.  One thing I most enjoyed growing up was sleeping with the windows open, and I’d fall asleep to the sound of the nearby highway (which doesn’t sound that great, but believe me it was as good as falling rain).  With April halfway over and farmers’ markets just around the corner, I am craving light layers, interesting textures, and easy listening music.

As I donned my darling Polo bear cap Tuesday, I realized I need another option but for spring and summer.  This hat reminds me of the infamous fish hat from Sandlot, but a whole lot cuter ~ If I didn’t already own my canadian geese bookends, I’d so be wanting these from Garden&Gun ~ This pineapple plate would be the perfect landing spot for keys in a foyer (that is, if it was half the size) ~ While I would probably use reusable cloth bags, how sweet would this tote be for an open air market setting? ~ I have already worn my beloved jean jacket to work a dozen times this season…I’m loving white for a new take on my go-to look ~ Very Gadabout, a variation of this sea fan is definitely on my wish list ~ It is so easy to use my lunch breaks as an excuse to shop.  This week I snagged Norah’s first album for my growing vinyl collection.  Starting now, I’m making myself buy one title every month ~ These espadrille wedges are exactly what I want, minus one inch of the heel ~ I don’t usually find much I feel the need to purchase on Boden, but these shorts seem like a solid choice, especially with their modest inseam.

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  1. Nice collection!!!

  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I’m so glad you are adding to your album collection!!!!

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