Bedroom Palettes

bedroom paletteDecisions, decisions.  While house shopping is on a month-long halt, I have turned my attention inward to a very manageable project…sprucing up our bedroom.  Since setting up our gorgeous chest on chest and deciding on how to decorate the top of it, I am rethinking our bedding and bed itself, and pondering the longevity of decor before I make any decisions.

I must admit, I can be a bit granny when it comes to decorating.  For instance, I fell head over heels for a valance/curtain combo that is exactly opposite of what you’d see in the hottest design magazines.  What I really love most are the well-collected sets in movies that don’t feel modern or fresh or trendy.  Moreso dated and humble.  Non-designs, I suppose.  That’s what I’m discovering about myself…the more organic and less flashy the better (even though I’m still likely to go crazy in a Tory Burch store).  The design books I gravitate toward are from the 70s and earlier.  I can’t explain it much more than that.

So back to our bed.  That bed that I hem and haw over all the freaking time.  I just can’t figure out if it is worth all the hassle it gives me trying to work around it.  In trying to be classic, I went too safe and it bores me.  Why can’t a queen four poster bed with a tester fall into my lap?  Or a darling white and brass bed find its way into my life?  Until then, I’m working with what I’ve got.  And those top fabric samplers are where my mind is at.

To embrace the beigeness, a whole slew of taupes and chocolates comes to mind.  I am into the mix of floral, toile and checked right now, so regardless of the color we go with, there will most likely be that combination.  To complement my blue and white obsession, I am debating blue and white bedding as well.  A random choice but still one that intrigues me is this apple green that no doubt would look good with the blue and white jars atop the chest.  And lastly red because I can’t get enough of it.

There are so many different resources to choose from for both inspiration and products, but I haven’t found one that I 100% love.  Sometimes I think, to heck with it! and play around with the idea of just hoarding lots of quilts and being done with it.

What do you think?  What’s your bedding style?

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