Pretty Little Blue

prettylittleblueAlthough I think pink bedrooms are totally adorable and my raspberry chaise lounge will someday find its way into our future daughter’s room, there is something decidedly girly about blue bedrooms.  Long before I was taken with Summer’s toile covered apartment in 500 Days of Summer, I had this idea about blue bedrooms that I haven’t quite shaken yet.  Of course the whole idea of a blue bedroom is just as pretty and delicate as pink when executed correctly, but it also has something special that I can’t quite put my finger on.  As if we needed any more reason to embrace blue, I’m finding it easier and easier to add blue in all most of its forms into my life’s palette.

Okay, so this a funny one to start with since it looks more like gray, but a ticking striped blanky would be perfect beside navy and french blue.  And doesn’t it look cozy but still lightweight?  Seriously, I need this blanket in my life ~ I used to have a pale blue bicycle I called Mary Jane; my current bike’s color is a little less sweet.  While I have had it in my head to go for classic black, I’m starting to reconsider and switch to blue.  If you can’t afford a new paint job, try changing out your seat for this striped number ~ I already posted the shorts, but then I found the pants.  Tory Burch, please send me these cropped jeans, I will wear them forever ~ Goop has some serious good stuff right now…so much that I don’t even want to torture myself looking at all of it.  But this planner has my wheels turning for next year.  Talk about a lux necessity ~ You can pre-order this classic summer sweater from J.Crew right now; I know I’m tempted to ~ Schumacher is easily becoming the only fabric source I ever want to use.  We have already used the Alexander Paisley (now discontinued ! ) for cushions in my parents’ living room.  Anyway, this ready-made pillow is easy on the eyes ~ Is it abstract or is it a landscape? The title says it is a lake.  Regardless, I am intrigued by this piece of art and all the lovely hues in it ~ Though I thought I would be collecting a mix of vintage and new ginger jars for my chest, after finding a great starter pot I am reluctant to buy the mass-produced options online.  This jar says its vintage, but I’m sure only in style.  The perk? It ships for free  ~ These are the granny curtains I was talking about here.  I wish we had a house for me to put them in!

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  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Love it all!!!! The jeans are pretty sweet!!!

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