Monthly Archives: April 2015

Pretty Little Blue

Although I think pink bedrooms are totally adorable and my raspberry chaise lounge will someday find its way into our future daughter’s room, there is something decidedly girly about blue bedrooms.  Long before I was taken with Summer’s toile covered apartment in 500 Days of Summer, I had this idea about blue bedrooms that I […]

Stephen Fuller, Inc.

I am forever intrigued what the lack of good houses on the market does to my real estate attraction.  If a week passes and nothing interesting appears, I start to consider houses that haven’t sold yet, even if they don’t fulfill our wish list.  If it is longer than a week, I tend to find myself […]

Bedroom Palettes

Decisions, decisions.  While house shopping is on a month-long halt, I have turned my attention inward to a very manageable project…sprucing up our bedroom.  Since setting up our gorgeous chest on chest and deciding on how to decorate the top of it, I am rethinking our bedding and bed itself, and pondering the longevity of decor […]