Monthly Archives: May 2015

Style Inspiration: Keri Russell

Truth: It seems that I get a monthly freak-out about where my style is going.  This month’s was spurred by finding a hole in my newish driving loafers and wearing the same five outfits every.single.week for work.  While I debate comfort v. fashion for my new kicks, I am rediscovering one of my very favorite […]

A Hankerin’ for Victorians

Blame my love of Practical Magic, but a big white Victorian by the sea would be just fine by me.  While trying to be good and not go crazy during our two year (and counting) house search, it hit me last week how much I would still love a large older home with a view. […]

Weekend in Memphis Recap

I had the best intentions of taking a million photos with my actual camera last weekend while in Memphis, but alas, I’m another victim to the iPhone, which makes everything easier.  Right off the bat when we arrived at my sister’s address, I was crazed–blooming magnolia trees were everywhere!  Though it was warmer than what […]