Headed to Memphis

memphisAfter my first two nights of closing the bookstore by myself ( !! ), I am so ready for a vacation!  Luckily, I am squeaking a quick weekend trip to Memphis in…starting tomorrow.  I haven’t technically been to the South in, what, eight years?!  And I’m ready to visit a new place (if you don’t count that one trip I took with my sister for a concert in high school)…especially one that has features in the likes of Southern Living.  My sister is graciously hosting my parents and me for three days of antiquing, eating, and lots of dog walking.

Now, it’s not that I feel like a new city is a real excuse to switch up one’s wardrobe, but with the higher temps lately and the pro of not having to drive the two and a half hours myself, I feel like channeling a little bit more of a hipster vibe than usual.  Stripes paired with stripes, minimal but thoughtful accessories– I am extremely looking forward to packing my oversized bag for the occasion tonight.  And if I can convince my parents, I’d love to take Jose Gonzales’ Vestiges and Claws along for the ride.

Have you been to Memphis?  What are your recommendations?

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  1. Can’t wait!

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