Weekend in Memphis Recap

weekendinmemphisrecapI had the best intentions of taking a million photos with my actual camera last weekend while in Memphis, but alas, I’m another victim to the iPhone, which makes everything easier.  Right off the bat when we arrived at my sister’s address, I was crazed–blooming magnolia trees were everywhere!  Though it was warmer than what I had packed for, we kept cool with drinks by the pool and slushies when we ate at Las Tortugas (a must!).  Simon, though limping on and off from a snagglenail, got to explore Teddy’s field, and it was odd that I had to leash him up for each walk like the good old days in Alaska.  Both on Friday and Saturday we hit up local sales and shops, only to walk away with two blue and white jars and a box full of cupcakes!  I already want to plan our next trip down…and this time really dig into the heart of the city.  Thank goodness we steered clear of Beale Street this time around though– everyone was out with Grizzlies fever!

all photos via my Instagram

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  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I’m ready for another trip!!

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