Monthly Archives: June 2015

JH Interior Inspiration

Saul Zaik House Without realizing it before this weekend, I have been ogling Jessica Helgesson’s design work for quite some time.  Best known (to me) as the owner of Schoolhouse Electric’s lookbook feature home, after digging into some Lonny spreads, I found myself dreaming of simplified floor plans and gorgeous woodwork (as if I ever stopped!). […]

The Art of Patience

When I cracked open my fortune cookie last week and read my fortune, I had to chuckle. “Good things come to those who wait.  Be patient.” I can’t imagine a more fitting fortune for me at this point in life.  With the house hunt going ridiculously slow these days, it has been equal parts frustrating […]

Forest Park

This weekend was such a treat for me as I had two whole days off in a row with no set plans.  When I shared the great news with Ethan, our first ideas on how to spend it included a trip to Memphis and Chicago.  Instead of worrying about hotels and excessive gas money, we […]