Collection in Blue

collectioninblueGreetings from June!  I’m feeling overwhelmed by the passing of time…amazingly we have been in CG for a full eight months.  This time last year I was just starting my flower internship!  Now that I have had some time to dig into the collections I spontaneously started, I’ve made some progress.  With eight pieces now resting atop my chest on chest, I feel it is finally time to buckle down and invest in some splurge ginger jars to go with my thrifty finds.

As my inspiration Mary Carol stated in this blog post, its okay (and interesting!) to mix cheaters with vintage and investment pieces.  So far all of mine have come from antique stores, but who knows what their ages really are.  I think at least three large beauties should create the backdrop for these, and I’m hoping they are super traditional with the ginger jar shape.  I found an absolute knock-out when visiting Memphis that I am still dreaming about.  It alone cost twice what I paid for all these!  I’d say that is an exercise in balance, wouldn’t you?

P.S. I’ll try not to be such a blog flake starting…now.

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