Forest Park


This weekend was such a treat for me as I had two whole days off in a row with no set plans.  When I shared the great news with Ethan, our first ideas on how to spend it included a trip to Memphis and Chicago.  Instead of worrying about hotels and excessive gas money, we committed to a day trip to Forest Park to experience some attractions we had not yet been to.  First stop on the list was the beautiful Jewel Box.

forestpark2| inspiration for a future backyard pond feature |


While planning our wedding three and a half years ago (!!), I had actually considered renting the Jewel Box sight unseen for our nuptials.  Of course, it was impractical to expect our guest list to trek two hours north for a beautiful fifteen minute ceremony.  When we stepped inside, I understood why it such a coveted event space.  I do believe this seating arrangement is begging to be positioned in the opposite direction though.  What a backdrop to have for one’s I do’s!


Also inside lovely Forest Park is the Saint Louis Zoo, a place Ethan and I had both been separately, but not yet together.  Because of our love for animals, we made time in our plans for a short intercession here.  Though it proved to be extremely sweaty.  And hot.  With the sun beating down on us and no end to the sea of bodies who all had the same idea that day, Ethan and I agreed to find the elephants and be on our way!  I sure do love those Asian ears.


On point for Flag Day, wouldn’t you say?  I don’t know how I had never been to the Saint Louis Art Museum before this weekend, but I found my first time to be quite the treat.  No special exhibits restricted our idle wandering through the three story treasure trove.  And after our time at the zoo, the chilly interiors felt extra nice.


Everything except the above piece disturbed me in the room dedicated to Hieronymus Bosch.  Both intricate and wildly bizarre, Ethan and I dissected most of his works with furrowed brows.  I did like this one though, titled Tree Man.

forestpark4| unfinished portraits of the artist’s daughters |

forestpark5| a real Thonet |

forestpark6| Ethan’s favorite room: weapons and armor |


After winding room to room in the vast halls of the art museum, Ethan and I closed out our time in Forest Park.  Though I had initially intended for us to eat lunch at the Boathouse, I’m saving that for another (cooler) day.  Hopefully on a weekday!  I am also adding the World’s Fair Pavillion to that day’s agenda.

Have you visited Forest Park?  Have any suggestions for our next trip?


  1. Looks so fun!!! The Jewel Box is beautiful! Any pics of you two?

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