The Art of Patience

artofpatienceWhen I cracked open my fortune cookie last week and read my fortune, I had to chuckle.

“Good things come to those who wait.  Be patient.”

I can’t imagine a more fitting fortune for me at this point in life.  With the house hunt going ridiculously slow these days, it has been equal parts frustrating and nerve-wracking.  Truth be told, I thought it was coming to a close not too long ago!  We had the best intentions of writing up a contract on a little sided ranch on an overlooked street in CG, but then a mystery contract popped up an hour before we planned to view it a final time.  Though it didn’t fulfill 100% of my vision, Ethan really liked it, and that was enough to convince me to seriously consider it.  But fate intervened.  And we are still without a house.

Since that Saturday afternoon, Ethan and I have been tossing around two houses.  Two out of the countless listings in our area!  (Does anyone else’s search feel so unfulfilling?)  But our hearts just aren’t in it.  Between nitpicking the moldings (or lack of) and tallying the renovations we would need to tackle, I suppose we’d be a bit more enthralled with conversation of our dream home than we have been.  So I wonder every now and again if we should really put down our newspapers and close out our web browsers and wait.  The tricky part is knowing when to stop waiting and act.

I expect to have this moment when I’m in the house– whether stepping through the threshold into the foyer or standing at the kitchen sink imagining future babies playing in the yard– that I’ll realize it’s the one.  Only one of our tours has proved to feel homey, and that house is long gone (and also not without its faults).  Since we are new to this home buying business, I haven’t the slightest idea if my expectations in that regard are realistic or not.

Nevertheless, I feel deep down that we are meant to wait, and that seems like the hardest thing to accept right now.  And who knows for how long. But due to our present rental situation, the most is now one year and eleven months.  Goodness, how easily we fall back into counting!  I’m hoping a mantra of patience patience patience pacifies me.

What do you do to stay patient?


One comment

  1. The wait is the hardest part! Although there is something so exciting to me that at any moment that perfect space could pop up. I also love imagining myself in all these different spaces. What I would do to each one!

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