JH Interior Inspiration

jh1Saul Zaik House

Without realizing it before this weekend, I have been ogling Jessica Helgesson’s design work for quite some time.  Best known (to me) as the owner of Schoolhouse Electric’s lookbook feature home, after digging into some Lonny spreads, I found myself dreaming of simplified floor plans and gorgeous woodwork (as if I ever stopped!).  Although her aesthetic shape-shifts depending on the project, I found myself repeatedly drawn to her vintage inspired designs, whether Victorian or mid-century in nature.  White walls are abundant, but velvet furnishings more than make up for them, reminding me of my childhood bedroom and my dramatic raspberry chaise.  Below are my very favorites of her residential work.

jh2 jh3Mt. Tabor Tudorjh4.1jh4Tiny Housejh5.1jh5Library Housejh6Victorian Kitchenjh7Alhambra Kitchenjh8White Brick Mediterraneanjh9West Hills Victorian


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  2. Ahhh so good!

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