Antique Finds

antiquefinds1Hello!  While it is apparent that I have a difficult time committing to any one idea for our future dining room and bedroom (back to thinking about romantic brass bed frames), I have been accumulating smaller treasures that I cannot wait to style in our someday forever home.

Currently, my sailboat is beside my bed, sitting atop the lovely drop front desk I acquired in Benton.  My boat, which I stared at for ages before pulling the trigger on, felt like a splurge, but I adore it endlessly.  Plus, the height fills an excess of white space and eliminates the need for additional art.antiquefinds2Although the cloche isn’t vintage, I got it half price downtown (can’t beat that!).  The flower frogs are fun to have just sitting around, dotting the various tabletops around the living room.

As for the head below!  This little guy was a favorite of ours (my mom and me).  He seemed to change his place each time we visited a local antique store, like a garden gnome might.  Eventually my mom caved and decided to give him to me.  The funny thing is, alligators and crocodiles scare the heck out of me!  Slowly getting used to him sitting on a nearby shelf, but I know he’ll be great on a stack of books.antiquefinds3

antiquefinds4I instantly connected to this paper cutter: the dainty size, the color, the fact that the blade is still sharp!  Daydreams of crafts and card-making were hard to shake the rest of the day!  I would love love love to leave it sitting out on a huge workbench style desk.  For now I slide it under the sofa on my architecture school drafting board.

And now for the most recent!  These tennis rackets were paired together in the corner of a booth, and after walking through the entire antique mall, I decided to get them.  Eventually I’d love for them to hang above a fireplace, the handles crossing, but for now they add some oomph to the hallway.antiquefinds5

antiquefinds6I never seem to be able to connect with vintage art.  I try, don’t get me wrong!  But I suppose I’m hyper-sensitive to it, since I’m looking for unique collection and not something I could get with a few clicks of my mouse.  This cable car piece, though, was easy to bring home.  I love the colors, the fact that it isn’t nautical but does include an interesting perspective of San Fransisco bay, and already has an awesome frame.  All I plan to do to it is replace the glass, as the current piece is a little hazy.

This little left shoe form captured my heart nearly two months ago, but since the store it lived at was a bit of a drive away, I had to hope it was still there when I returned last week.  And it was!antiquefinds7

antiquefinds8New goal: acquire balls 1, 3, and 9 for a vintage homage to our special days.  Obviously, I love the idea of things sitting atop books and tables, these pool balls in a nice bowl included. Happy to have 13 and 15 already accounted for!

And while it isn’t new, I have my very favorite credenza back in my possession for the first time in three years!  My mom had commandeered it while I was away for a chic TV stand, but since we got back in town, I’d been eyeing it every time I went over to their house.  I didn’t want to take away such a functional piece for my parents’ living room, but also felt like it would add a special quality to most of my traditional furniture finds.  Then by chance, I found its identical twin locally, but shocked it had been destroyed with sticky layers of beige paint and rhinestone knobs.  Stripping it down back to its wood was quite an experience, but by the end of it, both my mom and I were happy with the results.  With the twin now my parent’s TV stand, I get to enjoy my credenza everyday…it looks so pretty paired with my fancy turn table! antiquefinds9

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  1. MaryEllen · · Reply

    Wow!!!!!! What finds!!!!!!!

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