Of Note

ofnoteHello!  Now that we are halfway through August, Ethan has started Respiratory Therapy school, and we officially wrote our first contract on a house (don’t cheer yet, it wasn’t accepted), I am finding it is the time to invest in some new shoes, center myself, and really seek out what makes us happy.  I have mentally vowed for us to step out of our normal routine and try one new-to-us restaurant for the remaining months of the year, in hopes of finding new favorites and making ourselves go out on something that resembles a date.  Speaking of new places, my mom and I found a totally inspiring shop in St. Louis that we must must return to.  To say I was floored the entire time I was inside the store would be an understatement.  I walked away with two new pool balls, but believe me when I say I want to bring a U-Haul for our second visit!  I’m slowly beginning to differentiate what I consider eye-candy online vs. what I connect with in real life.

Anyways, here are some things of note around the web that I find myself continuously coming back to.

Have you heard of Red House West?  I love that we have a mutual connection via Instagram (I’m talking about you, Dallas!), and their styles are so unique and lovely.  Mera’s feature on Design*Sponge was awesome, and needless to say, I want to rescue a polydactyl cat now.

Another home tour I can’t get enough of is my favorite photographer’s new L.A. digs.  Though I was devastated (not kidding) to have lost Lily Glass to the coast of California (the Midwest loves you!), she is really prospering in her new environment.  See scenes from her sweet house here.

Two words: Vegan Mosquito.  More than two words?  This hilarious animation was created by Roxanne and her hubby.  Even though I watched it days ago, I’m still cracking up over it.

Have a super weekend, friends!

image via Mera’s home tour


  1. What’s the store in St. Louis? I want to go next time we are there! 🙂

    1. Quintessential Antiques!

  2. That little red house is too charming!

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