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Of Note

Hello!  Now that we are halfway through August, Ethan has started Respiratory Therapy school, and we officially wrote our first contract on a house (don’t cheer yet, it wasn’t accepted), I am finding it is the time to invest in some new shoes, center myself, and really seek out what makes us happy.  I have […]

Apple Red, Apple Green

I’ve been in heaven enjoying fresh farmer’s market fruits all summer long.  But I am still anticipating the arrival of fall!  Though the local orchard has been gone for years (tear), I’m dreaming of an apple-filled autumn with lots of new red in my closet. 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | […]

Antique Finds

Hello!  While it is apparent that I have a difficult time committing to any one idea for our future dining room and bedroom (back to thinking about romantic brass bed frames), I have been accumulating smaller treasures that I cannot wait to style in our someday forever home. Currently, my sailboat is beside my bed, sitting […]