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Dip City, USA

We only decided to have a Superbowl “thing” on the ride up to STL’s airport, and I didn’t exactly have a ton of time to plan it out.  I knew I wanted a “make your own sandwich” aspect, but that was about it.  Until I remembered my mom packed Bronco Bob’s Raspberry Chipotle Sauce in […]

Merry Christmas, Darling

| O Christmas Tree | | the Christmas card I made for Ethan, in place of the bow and sharp shooter sight waiting for him in Missouri | | sushi, the alternative Christmas Eve dinner | | my wonderful honey | | feeding Simon his treats sushi-style | | homemade cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning, […]

Thanksgiving With the McDowells

Happy December!  How can this be?!  I swear it was just May…I’m content though and should start setting up our little apartment for the Christmas season.  But!  Before I do, I want to share our Thanksgiving with you.  I planned the holiday down to the details (or at least the details that were relevant for […]