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JH Interior Inspiration

Saul Zaik House Without realizing it before this weekend, I have been ogling Jessica Helgesson’s design work for quite some time.  Best known (to me) as the owner of Schoolhouse Electric’s lookbook feature home, after digging into some Lonny spreads, I found myself dreaming of simplified floor plans and gorgeous woodwork (as if I ever stopped!). […]

A Hankerin’ for Victorians

Blame my love of Practical Magic, but a big white Victorian by the sea would be just fine by me.  While trying to be good and not go crazy during our two year (and counting) house search, it hit me last week how much I would still love a large older home with a view. […]

A Beige, Black, & Blue Bedroom

I have been thinking and thinking about bedding, and all that thinking has finally produced a plan!  After deciding it would be frivolous of me to acquire another queen bed when plenty of inspiration used similar beds to mine, I began to play with palettes that would be subtle, but also not monochromatic.  With this […]