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Happy Friday before Christmas!  I’m so behind on my Christmas movie watching and even further behind in getting the house organized for my sister and brother-in-law’s arrival.  You’d think with my free afternoon yesterday I would have dusted, vacuumed, done some laundry.  But nope, I ate Hershey’s Hugs, wrapped the last of the presents, and […]

Furniture Finds

I have been waiting for a sunny day to take these photos, but it seemed like I’d be waiting forever at this point in the year.  So pardon the shadows. Almost immediately upon returning home from Alaska, my mom and I restarted our almost bi-weekly tradition of going antiquing.  We have an ever-evolving list of […]

The Spring Nightstand

Subtle changes to my nightstand, my friends, but I figured I’d show you anyhow.  After acquiring all my wonderful Harry Potter hardbacks I realized the pact I made with myself about relying solely on digital book downloads while in Alaska had finally shriveled up completely.  What can I say?  Books make me happy.  And while […]