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Sibylle’s World

I have 4,325 words of new book, and literally the entire plot line is floating around in my head.  While I’m usually secretive about what I’m writing, I decided to make a mood board of my new main character to share with you.  I think visualizing her like this will also help me jump back […]

I’ve Been Dreaming Of…

…Thanksgivings at home.  With everyone together with a million things to do and a few hands to help.  With pie in the oven, turkey cooling on the stove, and the men in sweaters tossing a football in the backyard. …movie nights with the family.  Foreign films, in black and white, some in color.  With salty […]

My Deepest Regret

Woman Seated under the Willows by Claude Monet It has been probably twenty years since I sat with my mother under the willow tree in our backyard.  The sky was bright blue with the fluffy clouds I so loved when I was little…that I still love today.  The leaves on the hundreds of branches of […]