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Of Note

Hello!  Now that we are halfway through August, Ethan has started Respiratory Therapy school, and we officially wrote our first contract on a house (don’t cheer yet, it wasn’t accepted), I am finding it is the time to invest in some new shoes, center myself, and really seek out what makes us happy.  I have […]

The Art of Patience

When I cracked open my fortune cookie last week and read my fortune, I had to chuckle. “Good things come to those who wait.  Be patient.” I can’t imagine a more fitting fortune for me at this point in life.  With the house hunt going ridiculously slow these days, it has been equal parts frustrating […]

Birthday at the Glenn

Hello hello!  Another party in the books for this family.  Amanda’s thirtieth birthday was this weekend, and while we were discussing her milestone a few months ago, we decided it required a cozy affair at one of Cape Girardeau’s little gems.  The Glenn House if you remember is a historic home downtown that not only […]